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University Bedroom

University rooms tend to differ depending on how much you’re willing to pay a week. I chose to live in Halls for my first year as it is the best way to make friends. I also opted for an en-suite as I really didn’t want to share a bathroom with completely strangers, especially boys. I pay £112.50 a week for my bedroom and en-suite with bills included. It comes with a 3/4 bed and is a really lovely space. Living in Halls is good for people who are both confident and those who are less so. I have never been very sociable but going to University has forced me to form new relationships and go out more which in the long run has been very beneficial for me. Sometimes when it gets too much I can retreat to my bedroom, watch Netflix and eat crisps, which is okay too. Other times I hang out with my flatmates in the kitchen, or go and see my other friends who live in the blocks by me.

For second year we’ve got a four bedroom house (I feel so grown up) which is £85 a week bills included. It will be nice to have my own space but I will miss halls and having all my friends in the same place. Halls has an amazing atmosphere and there is always something going on. It can be noisy so earplugs are encouraged!


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