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Combating Homesickness at University

University is a fantastic way to become independent and learn how to look after yourself. It is a massive change in your life and everyone will experience homesickness at some point. I was surprised by how well I coped with the transition from home to Uni. I didn’t get homesick until after Christmas. This term is very long, and when I go home for Easter it will be three months since I’ve seen my family.

It’s okay to feel homesick and it is completely normal.

How to combat homesickness:

  • Ring/Skype your family – it might help just to hear their voice and talk to them. I tend to ring my mum most days just to tell her about my day
  • Go out with your friends – spending time with other people provides a great distraction from missing home. Go for a walk, get a coffee, explore your surroundings.
  • Get your friends to come and visit you.
  • Read a book, listen to music or watch your favourite show on Netflix
  • Cook your favourite meal, perhaps one you enjoyed eating at home. It’s good to treat yourself


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An Introduction

Hi everyone,

I’ve never written a blog before, I wouldn’t say I was particularly good at writing either (I did A Level English and just scraped it), but I thought I’d start a blog all about university. I am currently in my first year studying Criminology and Psychology. Before I started, I didn’t really know anyone who had been to uni before me who could give me a real insight into what it was like. The thought was quite scary but now I’m here I absolutely love it and I want to provide information for anyone who is thinking about coming to University.

If anybody has any questions on any aspects of uni life then feel free to ask me

Thank you

Emma 🙂 x