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Freshers – does it live up to the hype?

We’ve all watched those typical American high-school films, which show lots of young people drinking out of red cups and having the time of their lives. Most people coming to University expect this to happen during their Freshers.

Personally, I thought Freshers was overrated. I still had a good time, but I’ve had many, many better nights out since then. My best advice would be to not spend too much money buying tickets for events before you get to University. Sure, buy a couple, but most of the time you can just buy the tickets on the day, thus not wasting any money. Promoters like to bombard you with stuff on social media the summer before Uni, telling you that you “must” buy this ticket as it is close to selling out (it usually isn’t).

My top tips for Freshers:

Don’t buy too many tickets in advance – wait to see what other people are doing in your halls first and buy them on the day

Try and have some kind of budget. I know it’s easy to spend a lot of money now you suddenly have a student loan, but you will regret it in a couple of weeks when you’re eating moldy bread and baked beans until Christmas

There will be lots of other events during Freshers besides going out – Freshers fairs are always great because you get lots of free stuff, and everyone loves free stuff. Societies are also great to join if you want to meet people with the same interests as you, also another way to make friends

The friends you meet during Freshers might not necessarily be the people you spend your time with for the remainder of University. I remember being with people in September, and 6 months down the line I haven’t seen them since. Having said that, don’t isolate yourself. The start of University is a great way to form friendships and can help you combat homesickness. Remember everyone is in the same boat and everyone is probably feeling the same as you are

And finally, enjoy it. Take photos and make memories.